Clash Royale: Introducing the Monkey Captains (YouTube All-Star Clan War)

WHICH CLAN ARE YOU ROOTING FOR? Tune in this Sunday at 3pm GMT to watch your favorite HRclubsrs go head-to-head in a special all-star CLAN WAR!!
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Royale Sailors (Blue Clan):
Gelli Clash:
Flakes Power:
Surgical Goblin:
Monkey Captains (Red Clan):
Orange Juice:
Clash com Nery:
The Rum Ham:
HRclubs All-Star Clan War starts Sunday Apr 29th at 3pm GMT
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Enter the Arena! From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more.
Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community.
Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!
• Duel players from around the world in real-time in both 1v1 and 2v2 Battles
• Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones
• Destroy opponent's towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crown chests
• Build and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Family along with dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses
• Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your opponents
• Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top
• Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community
• Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel, or play side-by-side in a 2v2 Battle
• Work together with your Clan to unlock Clan Chests
• Take on daily and weekly Quests for big rewards
• Play new events every week
• Learn different battle tactics by watching the best duels on TV Royale
PLEASE NOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash Royale. A network connection is also required.
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  • royale sailors weakness indeed is not having oj on their team

    Kalm PlayzKalm PlayzPrije 4 mjeseci
  • Malcaide jajaja

    Fernando VelásquezFernando VelásquezPrije 5 mjeseci
  • This clash vid has the least views

    FattieFattiePrije 8 mjeseci
  • They don't have positive elixir trades on there side

    LitModz will comeLitModz will comePrije godine
  • What's music name

    FaZe MitkoFaZe MitkoPrije 2 godina
  • أبطال

    عبد اللهعبد اللهPrije 2 godina

    FelpssFelpssPrije 2 godina
  • They lost

    MihadPlayzMihadPlayzPrije 2 godina
  • Voor een Belgische clan zoek ik top spelers die hun volledig willen geven voor cw dus gemotiveerd zijn om deze ook te winnen en er tijd voor willen vrijmaken. Clan: dutchwarzone_cw

    lonske Vlonske VPrije 2 godina
  • Go Orange Juice!!!!!!!!!!

    SCP PeanutSCP PeanutPrije 2 godina
  • Quem ta vendo em 2018

  • Bentimm1 and nick were pals before nick and molt if anyone remembers from when nick played boom beach with ben

    ThePremium SniperThePremium SniperPrije 2 godina
  • but where is Arabic players 😠?

    Kadouci AbdenasserKadouci AbdenasserPrije 2 godina
  • but where is Arabic players 😠?

    Kadouci AbdenasserKadouci AbdenasserPrije 2 godina
  • but where is Arabic players ?😠

    Kadouci AbdenasserKadouci AbdenasserPrije 2 godina
  • but where is Arabic players ?😠

    Kadouci AbdenasserKadouci AbdenasserPrije 2 godina
  • Где аурум

    Dmitry LevoniukDmitry LevoniukPrije 2 godina
  • Where is bootramp

    BeyEmperor 10BeyEmperor 10Prije 2 godina
  • My best is Bentimm1

    The dudeThe dudePrije 2 godina
  • Perfect game really addicted 😭someone help to stop playing thus game for 18 hrs

    Dark WeaponDark WeaponPrije 2 godina
  • Zezim morterim que merda ksks

    Halison MeloHalison MeloPrije 2 godina
  • OJ will beat everyone with positive elixir trades

    Some Random Internet NinjaSome Random Internet NinjaPrije 2 godina
  • Кто русский ставь лайк

    Timofei SokiTimofei SokiPrije 2 godina
  • Розробоччеки пожалуста верните бесплатний сундук, а ещо зделейте штоби легче било вибить легендарку мне оня невипадает, хоть я уже на 6 арене

    Paschka BroPaschka BroPrije 2 godina
  • Eu quero 1000.0000 gemas se não denunciou pq não pd hakear

    clara pleysclara pleysPrije 2 godina
  • Ohhhh they got oj

    FunnyhahaFunnyhahaPrije 2 godina
  • 👍👍👍

    Илья ИюньскийИлья ИюньскийPrije 2 godina
  • pensé que era carta nueva xD mire de reojo

    Bomar TrezBomar TrezPrije 2 godina
  • Age has finally taken a toll on nickatnyte's looks... That or a lot of lack of sleep and food.

    Will IamWill IamPrije 2 godina

    CianoCianoPrije 2 godina
  • BT1

    Juicebox JrJuicebox JrPrije 2 godina
  • Nery deus

    BenettiBenettiPrije 2 godina
  • Eu entendi o Nery Zezinho que usa morteirinho ahahahh

    THIAGUIN777THIAGUIN777Prije 2 godina
  • Kd a legenda PTG BR

    Mikael OliveiraMikael OliveiraPrije 2 godina
  • Hi

    Curpoz JuliaCurpoz JuliaPrije 2 godina
  • Oi comecei jogar agora sou lvl 6 alguém tem alguma dica para mim?

    Predu ArvorisPredu ArvorisPrije 2 godina
  • BenTimm!

    Nasser AlsharifNasser AlsharifPrije 2 godina
  • BenTimm1 FOREVER

    Νικόλας ΚατερινόπουλοςΝικόλας ΚατερινόπουλοςPrije 2 godina
  • Bentimm1 and OJ WOOOOOOOO

    Brandon GarciaBrandon GarciaPrije 2 godina
  • Clan War Is So Stupid Compring To Clan Chest

    ALL BLACK-R-ALL BLACK-R-Prije 2 godina
  • Não entendi nd mais vms nery

  • "I'm zezin morterin" kskskskskskskskskdkdk, o Nery é foda msm

    Putz q doideraPutz q doideraPrije 2 godina
  • Vaiiiiii Neryyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

    HiroHiroPrije 2 godina
  • Deutsche hier?

    Yasko EsoYasko EsoPrije 2 godina
  • ليش فاصل الصيانه

    Q O-AQ O-APrije 2 godina
  • Nery você vai ganhar essa bagaça, você é o gelli e o flakes

    Vem tranquilo Afoba nãoVem tranquilo Afoba nãoPrije 2 godina
  • Nery they mito você GONSEGUE SALVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Brasileiro nunca desisti

    Vem tranquilo Afoba nãoVem tranquilo Afoba nãoPrije 2 godina
  • Nery

    Vem tranquilo Afoba nãoVem tranquilo Afoba nãoPrije 2 godina
  • Nery

    Vem tranquilo Afoba nãoVem tranquilo Afoba nãoPrije 2 godina
  • Nery

    Vem tranquilo Afoba nãoVem tranquilo Afoba nãoPrije 2 godina
  • Nerryyy

    Vem tranquilo Afoba nãoVem tranquilo Afoba nãoPrije 2 godina
  • الي هم عربي لايك

    لـطـيّـعع بن قحطانيلـطـيّـعع بن قحطانيPrije 2 godina
  • força Brasil clash com nery

    MacrozSMacrozSPrije 2 godina
  • .

    Пейхитити SPBПейхитити SPBPrije 2 godina
  • Numi place deloc clan war👹👹

    limited _connectlimited _connectPrije 2 godina
  • Bentimm 1 is really good at clash royale subscribe to his Channel

    Francisco FigueroaFrancisco FigueroaPrije 2 godina
  • Orange juice is a trash

    Raul UreñaRaul UreñaPrije 2 godina
  • OJ is the true master of Clash Royale! He understands how to use each card, inside and out, while bringing out the most value with his elixir.

    Andy LutzAndy LutzPrije 2 godina
  • Gelli e Flakes, surgical mitos

    Breno AndradeBreno AndradePrije 2 godina
  • Nery representou bem!

    Yan FilipeYan FilipePrije 2 godina
  • Kkkk

    Breno Carvalho PaivaBreno Carvalho PaivaPrije 2 godina
  • Nery zezin morteiririn

    Breno Carvalho PaivaBreno Carvalho PaivaPrije 2 godina

    Lany B.Lany B.Prije 2 godina
  • Vai nery representando o Brasil!!!

    Emanuell ReisEmanuell ReisPrije 2 godina
  • Me dá lendária

    Enzzo LuizEnzzo LuizPrije 2 godina
  • Don't Cringe Challenge

    Asap YeezAsap YeezPrije 2 godina
  • Neckledion is my favorit

    Future CanadianFuture CanadianPrije 2 godina
  • Muito foda

    Felipe NogueiraFelipe NogueiraPrije 2 godina
  • Cadê o play Hard 😒😭

    zoeira gamerzoeira gamerPrije 2 godina
  • Awww I really like OJ BUT I HATE THIS TEAM ..Thought he was African

    antony kulikantony kulikPrije 2 godina
  • I've been a fan of OJ since the beginning, but man, he should have brushed his teeth before this was shot

    David PowellDavid PowellPrije 2 godina
  • .

    Джабраил ЮнусовДжабраил ЮнусовPrije 2 godina
  • When OJ said, " I'm the number one player in the world " 😶😂😂😂

    『Erwin11』 IGN『Erwin11』 IGNPrije 2 godina
  • Cmon Ben you got this

    Luis ReyesLuis ReyesPrije 2 godina

    Mano JamelaMano JamelaPrije 2 godina
  • Ameiiiiiii 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

    games com Lucas nascimentogames com Lucas nascimentoPrije 2 godina
  • Yes

  • Salve a todos os Br's nôs representando

  • Savage OJ

    SonOfSatan OfficialSonOfSatan OfficialPrije 2 godina
  • What OJ said is true

    Uncle BillUncle BillPrije 2 godina
  • They Lost 4 : 1 ahah

    ƝίʈÇዞƝίʈÇዞPrije 2 godina
  • Red Bled Badly

    Pragnan SahaPragnan SahaPrije 2 godina
  • Nick Is Back with Supercell Clash Royale! Glad he made it!

    I see you Bro, the Greedy vault BoyI see you Bro, the Greedy vault BoyPrije 2 godina
  • Claah com nery representoo

    garoto supremegaroto supremePrije 2 godina
  • OJ being a savage 🤟🏽

    Sanjeev RamdahinSanjeev RamdahinPrije 2 godina
  • Пусть клановый появится

    эра playэра playPrije 2 godina
  • What

    Sevecen OyuncuSevecen OyuncuPrije 2 godina
  • Virgenes.

    lauty_plauty_pPrije 2 godina
  • Nery kkkk

    Andre CorreaAndre CorreaPrije 2 godina
  • Hola

    ARES007 OFICIALARES007 OFICIALPrije 2 godina
  • Looks like one team has molt as captain...and other has nick

    sTIEN_ CrsTIEN_ CrPrije 2 godina
  • I like the oj attitude

    sTIEN_ CrsTIEN_ CrPrije 2 godina
  • Tráeme la copa, Malcaide

    Samuel CpSamuel CpPrije 2 godina
  • Brasil, porra. Meu coração está dividido entre os dois clãs. Flakes e Nery, muito orgulho de vocês.

    HÉLDER ;HÉLDER ;Prije 2 godina
  • Mkkkkkk olha o nery

    Kawã GuilhermeKawã GuilhermePrije 2 godina
  • im rooting for monkey captains becuz my favourite youtuber (ben timm1) is there hola

    Hriata RoyaleHriata RoyalePrije 2 godina
  • Nickanite 8)

    ChrisProCapt 201YTChrisProCapt 201YTPrije 2 godina
  • Cade o atchin

    Erick GamesErick GamesPrije 2 godina
  • Es chino

    Jairo QuinteroJairo QuinteroPrije 2 godina
  • i bet oj will lose

    SugatYTSugatYTPrije 2 godina