🖐️CRL Highlights From Week 5!

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Check out the top 5 moments from week 5 in the CRL NA and EU!
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ABOUT THE CLASH ROYALE LEAGUE: The Clash Royale League (CRL) is Supercell’s official team-based esports league, featuring the best Clash Royale teams and players. With divisions in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America & Mainland China, the CRL aims to give players & spectators the most exciting & entertaining competition in the world.

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  • Comment your favorite player(s) from CRL below! 👇👇👇😍😍

    Clash RoyaleClash RoyalePrije 2 godina
    • Do u still exist?

      Subramanya HarishSubramanya HarishPrije 2 godina
    • Surgical goblin

      SreckoMotaYTSreckoMotaYTPrije 2 godina
    • JOSUE ISRAEL hjrjjfjgjg🚺🚭🛂🚰🛅♿🚳

      Sameer SiddiqueSameer SiddiquePrije 2 godina
    • Clash Royale no

      Sameer SiddiqueSameer SiddiquePrije 2 godina
    • nerf pompeyo

      PsychonautPsychonautPrije 2 godina
  • I like playing clash forever !!!

    Alex ChengAlex ChengPrije godine
  • “I don’t know what to do with my hands” Ricky Bobby

    EmanOwnsYouEmanOwnsYouPrije 2 godina

  • Please make sure gold can be changed into gems

    марк 42марк 42Prije 2 godina
  • When comes New card

    RobertŽvanRobertŽvanPrije 2 godina
  • clash royale i don't want free emote please give for gems

    Mob psychoMob psychoPrije 2 godina
  • :40

    jesus Vazquezjesus VazquezPrije 2 godina
  • Love Clash Royale.

    Fantasy _GgamerFantasy _GgamerPrije 2 godina
  • Cool

    Ino Ramo 1911Ino Ramo 1911Prije 2 godina

    Kurban-Ali DayzievKurban-Ali DayzievPrije 2 godina
  • Could you please add another name change? My name was considered disrespectful, so a developer changed it to "Rainbow" which I do not like. Please let me change my name again, I would even spend up to 300 gems for it!!

    Mihael KeehlMihael KeehlPrije 2 godina
  • give me the log on shop

    xMAXxMAXPrije 2 godina
  • Я нашёл читера

    АИД броАИД броPrije 2 godina
  • Please,rilis a new card,ice prince,the weapon sword and shield,the horse is deer.please rilis this!

    radit's kingdom okradit's kingdom okPrije 2 godina
  • Nunca emparejan por counter nunca me refiero a siempre me pongo megacaballero y me toca bs peka

    Diego DroxDiego DroxPrije 2 godina
  • Supersell can make chests with Emoji please

    Dukha PRDukha PRPrije 2 godina
  • Please bring back the clan chest

    Lilclos GamingLilclos GamingPrije 2 godina
  • Bring back the clan chest please

    Lilclos GamingLilclos GamingPrije 2 godina
  • Bring back the clan chesst

    Lilclos GamingLilclos GamingPrije 2 godina
  • Bring back the clan chess

    Lilclos GamingLilclos GamingPrije 2 godina
  • *i always play clash royale on the toilet*

    chadi haritchadi haritPrije 2 godina
  • Free emotes plz 😓😭

    Ahmed HashemAhmed HashemPrije 2 godina
  • Hey clash Royale can you make report system

    WolfFang FISTWolfFang FISTPrije 2 godina
  • Why you band me in clash Royale

    Zamudio’s Family ZamudioZamudio’s Family ZamudioPrije 2 godina
  • Get this: I love clash royale....but.... you guys really have to decrease the chest time. Cmon I mean, 26hrs for a magical chest? 3hrs for the silver chest?

    Memes PlayzMemes PlayzPrije 2 godina
  • Hi

    Tinom 02Tinom 02Prije 2 godina
  • Clash royale please add goblin giant draft challenge one more time please (free entry) please😂

    XPeriouSX clashXPeriouSX clashPrije 2 godina
  • Free emotes plz

    Ahmed HashemAhmed HashemPrije 2 godina
  • Clash royalebbest gaming you must do many legendary cards

    Froz 619Froz 619Prije 2 godina
  • ყლეო

    giogms kikriashviligiogms kikriashviliPrije 2 godina
  • Supercell what drugs are you taking when you thougt dabing wizard emote us a good idea

    AlexAlexPrije 2 godina
    • Yeah what the hell supercell?! The wizard isn't even black!

      Fiddle Me TibbersFiddle Me TibbersPrije 2 godina
  • I got a great idea you should sell tokens in shop legendary 20k epic 10k rare 5k regular 2500 and it comes random

    S⃠k⃠y⃠r⃠i⃠m⃠98S⃠k⃠y⃠r⃠i⃠m⃠98Prije 2 godina
  • Can you ban a kid named PUFFI he was puting down giants and wiches back to back

    lukas5567 gaminglukas5567 gamingPrije 2 godina
  • Give me a the log or mega knight for a crow chest plz😯😯😯 nick name dimixxd

    xMAXxMAXPrije 2 godina
  • Mikan is god! From japan

    だいちそらcurryだいちそらcurryPrije 2 godina

    Fără nume că se furăFără nume că se furăPrije 2 godina
  • Add a new Legendary card zombie

    Gociman DanielGociman DanielPrije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower!

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower!

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower!

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower!

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower!

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower!

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower!

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower!

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower!

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower! 😁

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • Add ice tower! 😁

    Skills ⟪AWM⟫Skills ⟪AWM⟫Prije 2 godina
  • do a kids tournament

    Hana VrabcováHana VrabcováPrije 2 godina
  • Estan muy quemados

    Pedro MéndezPedro MéndezPrije 2 godina
  • We kann Mann Truhen spenden ?

    Murder GamingMurder GamingPrije 2 godina
  • Firerbal is on fire

    Wout FeremansWout FeremansPrije 2 godina
  • Pls nerf this royale giant or I am leaving clash royale 😡😠😠😠😠

    Bikramjit adityaBikramjit adityaPrije 2 godina
  • If you are seeing this i want to say that my clan is hacked i can't leave the clan clan name - Hillside dr it showing blank in clan info pls help me😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 i want to leave the clan

    Prachi PandeyPrachi PandeyPrije 2 godina
  • Lol e Royal!!! Doar ca a pierdut :((

    Lupan CristianLupan CristianPrije 2 godina
  • 日本人のー

    ∠( ’ω’ )/∠( ’ω’ )/Prije 2 godina
  • чито

    Максим СмолинМаксим СмолинPrije 2 godina
  • Surgical felt what Atchiin suffered in that game hahahahah (cadê os Br 🇧🇷?)

    Vinicius MendesVinicius MendesPrije 2 godina
  • What day is halloween of clash games ? Clash royale and clase of clans ?

    omega dasheromega dasherPrije 2 godina
  • Add a card that’s like a giant holding a flare, it will attack troops and do little damage, but will make them (and a few other) nearby troops retarget onto him. He will have some death damage, but not as much as the giant skeletons.

    AlgebruhAlgebruhPrije 2 godina

    Ronald RenaltaRonald RenaltaPrije 2 godina
  • Join "Team Vinicius", we got 5200 player and search for active player. No requirement except being active

    Bimbo BondBimbo BondPrije 2 godina
  • Good

    Dom8bisonDom8bisonPrije 2 godina
  • I Don't Want rg nerf, but landscape please

    Matko0oMatko0oPrije 2 godina
  • y asuchini?

    DiegoDiegoPrije 2 godina
  • *Almost* as fun as a barrel of goblins.

    Breloom Legend GamingBreloom Legend GamingPrije 2 godina
  • J carrito P

    Johan VillaJohan VillaPrije 2 godina
  • Please re-level the cards as we used to know their level

    ملك القراصنةملك القراصنةPrije 2 godina
  • Trofeess

    Mădălin `Mădălin `Prije 2 godina
  • 1900

    Mădălin `Mădălin `Prije 2 godina
  • go around. your game with your game dies when it makes no progress

    Mădălin `Mădălin `Prije 2 godina
  • Noooo beliking porque perdiste :v

    Octo 1.0Octo 1.0Prije 2 godina
  • Man highest Quality is 480p. Ciao

    Laslo TennisLaslo TennisPrije 2 godina
  • Rip clash royale

    arans vidsarans vidsPrije 2 godina
  • Cr is dead

    Just_yoda_YTJust_yoda_YTPrije 2 godina
  • Ostias con el jp es un grande

    by jimmyby jimmyPrije 2 godina
  • *CRINGE*

    Jason NajemJason NajemPrije 2 godina
  • Guys i need help. Supercell ID locked my acc for 24H after 24H it was again locked how can i repair this

    RuthexRuthexPrije 2 godina
  • Please help why weer my trophies dropped last nigth I had 4617 and woke up to 4295 wtf

    David IniguezDavid IniguezPrije 2 godina
  • Dead game

    Кирил ФилчевКирил ФилчевPrije 2 godina
  • A bunch of no life gamers

    TheRealVTheRealVPrije 2 godina
  • Good

    اراس Alwahiliاراس AlwahiliPrije 2 godina
  • Surgical is my favorite no matter win or loose

    Dallas AquinoDallas AquinoPrije 2 godina
  • Salut clash royale și eu joc jocul sunt roman și eu vreu sa ajung unde ajuns băieți astia

    vichi Brasoveanuvichi BrasoveanuPrije 2 godina
  • Where I can watch CRL live?

    ItzNightRaidItzNightRaidPrije 2 godina
    • Search up crl clash royale on HRclubs their a separate channel for it

      Hammad KabirHammad KabirPrije 2 godina
  • I like ...aunque no me pareció que ganarán gemas los que entraron un día cuando los q seguimos la CRL desde el principio no seamos valorados ni premiados

    trebol realtrebol realPrije 2 godina
  • Superceu povavor traduz em português

  • clash royale is gettin unfair right now :/

    Arjuna WicaksonoArjuna WicaksonoPrije 2 godina
  • Dio porco

    GiOnNy PaZzOzGiOnNy PaZzOzPrije 2 godina
  • مرحبا شباب عندي كلان ب كلاش رويال اسمه اباطره العرب والقائد انا اسمي صفاوي المجنون ف شباب اريد فزعتكم يا عرب معروفين ب الفزعه ف قلت ل شباب وبنات ب اليوتيوب انضمو ويانه ب الكلان ف شباب تعالو وفجرو ام الكلان

    ساره عليساره عليPrije 2 godina
  • Give me a heart Clash Royale I like this game I am subbed from 3 chanells and I am at 3.4k trophies

    AJ GAMINGAJ GAMINGPrije 2 godina
  • Го лак кому нравилась роялька

    ĩłĩa ŦoPĩłĩa ŦoPPrije 2 godina
  • Superceel turkey ?

    SerKAN İZ̷G̷İSerKAN İZ̷G̷İPrije 2 godina
  • Razzer is really ugly

    Jeremy LallJeremy LallPrije 2 godina
  • Клэш рояль хуйня и это игра скатилась смиритесь с этим

    Михаил ХмызМихаил ХмызPrije 2 godina
  • The tornado plays were just gold

    Jireh ChooJireh ChooPrije 2 godina
  • 😂😂😂😂

    GOHST BLTGOHST BLTPrije 2 godina
  • Week 6 highlights all RG ?

    T WarT WarPrije 2 godina
  • Clash royale is noob game.Fornite and more(No Clash Royale) is cool

    Mama lui CarnatMama lui CarnatPrije 2 godina
    • Destiny player said the same about Fortnite

      Hassan AlzaherHassan AlzaherPrije 2 godina